How Universities Could Use Apple Passbook in the Future

In case you didn’t here, the new iPhone 5 is coming out and it is set to be released Sept. 21. I know a lot of you are busy studying so I understand if you missed the memo but for everyone else, it is kind of a big deal. A big deal as in “58 million units sold before the end of the year” kind of deal. New features include Apple’s retina display, LTE connectivity, and an 18% thinner design among many other goodies.

While this is all plenty to get excited about, something that really got my attention was an app Apple revealed back in June set to roll out with the new iOS. The app is called Passbook and if you haven’t seen the demo video from Apple’s WWDC, you should really check it out below. It is essentially a digital wallet that stores your gift cards, movie tickets, boarding passes, etc. The app will display a scannable bar code on each card allowing you to make purchases and check in.

If you’re like me, this already sounds like a great idea considering how much money I’ve lost in misplaced gift cards. But how could this technology affect students like myself?

One implication I have mused over was the use of Passbook in connection with student ID’s. The Florida State University just this semester began using student ID’s as a means to gain access to University sporting events. Previously, students had to pick up tickets or print tickets from home. This semester, for the first time, students can purchase tickets online where they will automatically be loaded onto their cards and can be scanned upon entry.

All things considered, if you can use Passbook as a boarding pass, I don’t see why a University couldn’t load a football ticket on your smartphone. The passbook ticket could display kickoff time, the event date, seat section, and student ID. It could even display your loyalty points-a new system FSU introduced this semester as well which determines your priority in registering for tickets. Imagine scanning your passbook ticket for a game and seeing how many loyalty points were added to your account.

While this all sounds nice and convenient, I don’t anticipate Passbook replacing our current means of admission any time soon. Regardless, mobile payments and near-field communication (NFC) technology is predicted to increase drastically over the next 4-5 years and there is no reason this technology couldn’t replace many other types of tickets, cards, or forms of identification.

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4 thoughts on “How Universities Could Use Apple Passbook in the Future

  1. hergayagenda says:

    That would be so amazing if FSU let you store your FSUcard info in passbook!
    Mostly because I lose everything far too easily… like 3 FSU cards

  2. This is actually a really sweet idea. An idea like this should definitely be brought up to the FSU IT department. It would be wise for FSU to implement something like this if they want to be one of the leaders in the TECH area of Universities.

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