6 Tech/Social Media Costumes for Halloween

It’s that time of the year. Pumpkin latte status updates. Tweets about the cooling weather. Pins of assorted orange gourds. This can only mean one thing.

Fall is coming, and that means Halloween is only just around the corner. In terms of costume ideas, social media themes can either be a really great idea, or a really terrible one depending on your execution. Here are some examples of people who got it right.


social media costume halloween
This is a pretty clever take on the classic YouTube costume. Does it actually work? Probably not.


social media costume halloween
Some people dress up as iPhones. Some people dress up as social networks. This guy did both. The fact that it’s MySpace makes it even funnier.


Bonus! Meme costume. Restored Jesus Fresco is the best costume of the year.


social media costume halloween
This Pinterest costume may not win you the best costume award at the party, but it looks pretty easy to do.


social media technology halloween costume
For any of you pugs out there reading my blog today, the iPug is a huge hit at any Halloween party.


Instead of dressing up as a social network interface, this costume is made up of the elements and styles of Twitter. The whiteboard is a nice touch as well.


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